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Rock On! The new Platform Adventure Game for Everyone!

This is a new platformer game with a rock twist.
Meet Steve, the cool dude with tattoos who listen to Rock and Death Core Metal music.
He wants to go to the show, but he is lost in this weird city with mushrooms, cannibal plants and turtles with spikes and Heavy Metal music around him.
He has to kill them or get killed to get to the show. Steve is cool and smart. He enjoy taking a bath in beer . Steve can also jump in pool of beer to catch the stars so that he will be V.I.P at the show.
If he earn 3 stars, than he can Rock and Roll to the next level!

Features of Rock On! Platform Adventure:

– A new platformer game with a Rock Heavy Deathcore twist.
– Cool music
– Funny Beer interaction. Steve can also run fast!
– Easy touch button
– Classic jump and run platformer

How to play:
– Move around with the joystick
– Run and Jump on the mushroom and plants. Avoid the turtles with spikes!
– Complete the 12 levels and be a Rock star Hero!

Download and play Rock On, the new platformer game!

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