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Are you ready to lose some weight?

Fat Kid Running Platform Game is a new humorous game where you fat friend needs to lose some weight by doing some exercice. This infinite platformer running will make you laugh as you try to avoid junk food like hamburger, bacon an french fries. Eat them, and you will get fatter and make a funny fart sound. Keep running and you will lose some weight. Collect healthy foods like tomatos and lettuce and you will lose more weight! How far can you go without being tempted to eat a juicy hamburger? If you become too fat, you will explode!

Feature of Fat Kid Running Platform Game
– Laughing guaranteed or your money back
– Funny fart sound
– Cool music and sound effect
– HD graphics for new Android phones and tablets

Download and play Fat Kid Running Platform Game and make some juicy fart sound like a machine!

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